12 X 2 (+/-1): Twelve by Two (Plus or Minus One)
  • 12 X 2 (+/-1): Twelve by Two (Plus or Minus One)
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Nick's long awaited solo CD...finally available! 12 Old Time fiddle tunes featuring a rotating cast of musicians including John Reischman, Miriam Sonstenes, Emma Beaton, Shanti Bremer and Marisha Devoin. "From the opening notes of Cumberland Gap, I can immediately tell that this is something interesting, something different, something musically complete but not overly contrived, and these feelings only deepen as I listen onward. This album has kept me company on several recent hours-long car trips, in the background at home as I complete other tasks, and through headphones during focused-listening sessions; it has remained consistently pleasing and engaging through all of this, and I am already looking forward to hearing it again. (If only I could say this about more of the banjo music that is currently commercially available….)" Adam Hurt-Banjo Newsletter Feb 2015

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